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      Qingshui River small town construction project
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      联系人:陈  为

      联系电话:0431-81710096    18844575577


      Project location: Qingshui River forest farm ,Lushuihe Forestry Bureau, Fusong,Baishan City , Jilin

      Construction scale and content of the project: the project covers an area of 20.3 hectares. It is designed for the cabin of the world.It is used to build the wooden huts of the 88 different countries and regions in the world, and apply for the Guinness world record.Construction of 50 thousand square meters of customer service centers, including forest theme restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers, forest products store and other tourist facilities.

      Total investment and fund raising: the total investment of the project is RMB 800 million yuan, of which the enterprise raises 160 million yuan; the fund of the industry is RMB 280 million yuan; the investment is RMB 360 million yuan.

      Benefit analysis: after the project is completed, annual operating income is 200 million yuan, net profit is 120 million.

      Contact: Chen Wei

      Tel: 0431-81710096 18844575577

      E-mail: 77260021@qq.com

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